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We specialise in Carpet cleaning

With our knowledge of fibers and how to treat stains we can help give your carpet that refresh that it needs.

Why call The 8th Wonder Carpet Cleaning Co.?

Profesional Carpet Cleaning with Hot Water Extraction
Stain and Odor Removal Treatments
Carpet and Fabric Protection
Upholstery Cleaning
Anti Static Treatment
Domestic and Commercial

Our Services

As you live your day to day life on your carpet and furniture, you do not notice it getting dirty. The Wool Board of NZ recommend cleaning every 12-18 months. For most of our carpet cleaning services we use a truck mounted hot water (steam) extraction system. This involves the machine heating its own water, and with a 23hp motor to remove the dirt and water.

Carpet Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Fabric Protection

Stain and Odour Treatment

Our Processes

Deon uses a truck mounted hot water extraction system for professional carpet cleaning. This involves the machine heating its own water, and with a 23hp motor to remove the dirt and water from your carpet. Power and hot water are not required, though access to a cold water outside tap will be necessary.

The cleaning solutions used are industry approved, and we believe we are using the best quality products available. We also use a in-tank solution designed for effective neutralisation of alkaine prespray residues and for emulsification for residual soiling. These products are safe for you and your family.

We have engaged 8th Wonder on numerous projects: 2 year old red wine carpet stains, liquefaction stained carpet and soot laden carpet. 8th Wonder arrive, assess, communicate then rectify. Cost effective, quick, easy and thorough.
Simon Bassett-Smith

Why Clean?

  • refresh apparance
  • longer lasting carpets and fabrics
  • removal of odours and soil build up in the face yarn
  • health reasons

Our pricing is not necessarily the cheapest, but the quality of our products and equipment mean we can offer you top of line services and this does come at a cost. The average 3 bedroom home with living and dining is from $160. For an estimate call us today.


About us

The 8th Wonder Cleaning Company is 100% Canterbury owned and operated.

You can guarantee that we will treat your property and personal items with the utmost respect.

Endeavouring to keep up with advances in sciences, products and methods, to make sure we are providing the best care for your carpet and upholstery.

McKenzie & Willis are proud to recommend 8th Wonder Cleaning Company to our clients for carpet cleaning. They are the specialists in all types of carpet fibre including wool, nylon, polyester and have additional specialist training for SmartStrand carpets. Our clients have experienced results surpasing their expectations delivered by their very professional team.



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